Welcome to The Plot Thins.

Whats it all about?

Well I want the main focus of this blog to be about making and supporting those who make beautiful objects by hand, secondly I want to challenge and break down stereotypes and perceptions that I feel are affecting my environments and thirdly to begin to pull all the disparate threads of my life together to make a whole and to stop feeling like i’m spread a bit thin.

As far a making goes, I want to document my own design process, display the objects that I am making/have made, to talk about made objects and makers that I find inspiring and to discuss/display the objects of other people that I support and admire.

The world around us does not fit into the neat little boxes that we all make for it. This is what I want to talk about under the sub-title “Breaking”. Gender is not binary, We consume so much stuff where does it all go?, questioning climate change, why don’t we value the trades and manual arts?, Why volunteer?, How can we help the under-privileged in our society?, can I wear a beard and a cocktail dress? etc. Some of these topics are somewhat frivolous and some have no answer but I want to do some exploring none the less.

Being happy alludes to simply accepting who I am and who I am becoming, Whether that is the rural dwelling neo-renaissance man that I dream of being, the minimalist inner city type that I currently am, The suburban family man that I could have been or any other situation I could find myself in.

Who am I?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        I am a fairly conservative middle class male learning that the world is not what it seems at all. I love the built environment around me and contribute to it with a broad range of skills and interests. In opposition to that I have a deep appreciation for the natural environment and enjoy immersing myself within it often.  I believe that politics is something we are all directly involved in and not just something we participate in every four years. I have recently shaken my own sense of self by admitting my gender queerness to myself and my beloved.

I hope that you enjoy my blog.



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