Attempt at Pre-industrial Design.

Practicing woodwork with hand tools has lead me to discover designing without measurement, using only a compass and straight edge to lay out a design that is proportional instead of measured.

The object to be made is a set of shelves to hold 35 jars that will contain different teas.



In this first image you can see a few loose measurements, these relate to the jars that the shelves are to contain and then there is a loose sketch of the shelves to give me an idea of the shape that I want.

You can also see a small note about sizes, I went with the portrait arrangement of 595mm wide * 900mm high, These are the measurements for the internal space of the shelves. 


Now we start to see how i’ve used geometric constructions to lay out the shapes with a little more proportion. Playing around at this point i discovered that 150mm would make an ideal starting size or module. Using this size as a module would allow for 2-3 ratio between the width and the height, It would also allow the unit to be 1 module deep. The bracket feet at the bottom are also 1 module wide and split in a 2-3 ratio and the shelves themselves are 3/5ths of a module deep, making for a quite pleasing design.


This last image shows a front and side elevation of the cabinet and also a key to the left hand side which is used to set the compass or dividers, It shows the height broken down into 6 modules and then 1 module broken down into 5ths which are the key elements of this design.

Now i’ve just got to get crackin and make it!


~ by theplotthins on June 22, 2014.

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