more history pt2

Gday there,

apologies to anyone at all that is paying attention for my rather sporadic postings,

now to continue with my tale of where i’ve been, My next port of call was the world of theatre and it is here that i made the shock discovery that i really aren’t all that good at woodworking and in particular that i have a distaste for power tools and mdf dust.

I made this discovery after getting involved in the scenography design department and getting a little cocky went for a ridiculously ambitious design and fucked it up spectacularly ( think several 4 metre high tongues instead of a poppy flower).

after this, i decided that i didn’t want that sort of embaressing experience again and set out to learn more.using a copy of paul n Hasluck’s the handy mans book as a guide and a set of anton berg chisels inherited from a long passed grandfather as inspiration i set out to build a workbench.

Over a year later with many mistakes made,shitloads of swearing, a few new scars (razor sharp 19mm mortise chisel/7stitches OH YEAH) and some hard learnt skills I had myself a new workbench.

just to rub salt into the wounds it was about now that i began discovering chris swhartz and his guide to building/designing workbenches and the fact that stanley no longer makes good hand planes.

Since finishing the bench and discovering the world of hand tools i really haven’t looked back and have been happily adding to my workshop and toolkit ever since, having a background in machining and toolmaking has allowed me to make someĀ  of my own tools and this has led to an interest in learning to forge and that is one of my current projects.(must get around to posting some pics soon).




~ by theplotthins on November 16, 2011.

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