A little history pt 1

I guess it all started back in my younger days with my folks taking me off to the car races, and with the old man knowing a few people with drag cars, we got access to the pits,watching the mechanics keep everything in order kickstarted my passion for tools and using them and in in my early years I really wanted to become a mechanic.( a career i’m now glad i did not pursue.)

As i progressed through school i found that i enjoyed working with metal, no doubt some what influenced by the fact that my dad is a welder and my grandfather before him him was a fitter/turner, and so i  decided that an apprenticeship as a fitter/machinist was in order, so thats what i did, but lets be honest here, that was anything but a pleasant trip and now eleven years down the track and it’s only been in the last three that i’ve really come to feel that it’s been worthwhile.

Having grown up  in the relatively affluent but culturally (at the time)poor southwestern suburbs of sydney, my exposure to the arts, music, literature and design world was quite limited, until that is i began to earn myself some cash.

So beginning an apprenticeship became the first of many often profound upheavals in my existence. So with a wallet full of my new found meagre earnings i began to explore beyond my neighbourhood and quickly found myself drawn towards more bohemian horizons, which no doubt haven’t helped my prospects in such a conservative industry as engineering.

reading has always been a great way to pass time for me, and so it goes that the search for a new bookshop generally led the way in my adventures as my reading became more adventurous, i had to travel into darker corners of the city to get my fix, it was about now that i began to learn about philosophy in particular existentialism,which still shapes the way in which i think today. More recently,in amongst delving into some classical european literature, I’ve been reading a lot of essays and observations by designer makers such as David Pye. I firmly believe that it is imperitive that us people who work with our hands be well read in both works relating to our chosen professions and in literature, as a lot of the great works were written in times of social upheaval and can offer an alternate view to the official one that our often misguided leaders offer.

the next stepping stone was into the world of live music (and heavy drinking )it was here that i began my real education and started experiencing the power of self taught knowledge as i taught myself how to use a variety of manual cameras and then to process my own film, the music scene allowed me to do this in a way i’d not experienced before as i had a captive subject and something that the people around me were interested to see.

This concludes part one. Up next is where it all begins to come together.


~ by theplotthins on August 16, 2011.

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