Hello world!

G’day folks,  first post wow kinda exciting anyway welcome in there’s not much to see yet but hopefully ill get something happening soon. I’ll have some music  photography up once i sort it all out and some pictures,descriptions and sketches of some current projects as they progress. These include my carpenters bench and some other ancillary projects(a sharpening station, a mounting board and modified toolrest  for an offhand grinder, an old style carpenters toolbox and then hopefully I’ll get on to some cabinetry which I hope to do using only hand tools.)the restoration of some old chisels and the initial setup of some newer tools, a full restoration of a 1965 ford cortina (full back to baremetal stripping followed by rust and dent repair then full respray, retrimmed interior and rebuilt engine and  running gear.) In between all of this I hope to shape some surfboards (really into what tom wegener is doing with his alaias and would love to make some and get out there on them) also have some more traditional boards in mind.


~ by theplotthins on February 20, 2010.

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